Early Most cancers Detection By means of Handwriting Assessment


“Handwriting is brain-creating.” Graphologists describe that the brain is the director of our physical as very well as our mental action. Just as our creating displays our persona, so does it replicate specific aberrations in our physiology.

It is widely accepted in medication that with the advancement of cancer, selected neuromuscular disturbances of coordination consider area. Since handwriting constitutes the tracing of neuromuscular coordination, the microscopic traits of handwriting strokes become an important method for inspecting human neuromuscular improvement.

Alfred Kanfer, born in Austria and afterwards imprisoned in Dachau focus camp alongside with his wife, is deemed the pioneer of the graphological neuromuscular exam for resolve of teams at substantial hazard for most cancers. He experienced an amazing 84-percent precision rate in detecting the condition by way of handwriting.

What the Kanfer take a look at does is to use a neuromuscular device to identify the existence or absence of such characteristic neuromuscular disorders. The Kanfer test alone does not determine the presence or absence of most cancers it establishes a variable related with most cancers.

Alfred Kanfer was introduced from Dachau he emigrated to the United States. He was an outsider in the field of medication-with a approach for identifying most cancers-susceptible persons that was so very unorthodox, that he had a rigid uphill fight to verify his technique and obtain acceptance for it.

What is astonishing is the cooperation he been given, all through his much more then 30-five yrs of operate, from lots of notable doctors and hospitals.

The Healthcare facility for Joint Ailments in New York, the Preventive Medication Institute-Strang Clinic in New York, the Equitable Life Assurance Culture, the Metropolitan Lifestyle Coverage Enterprise and the American Cancer Society supplied monetary and materials help for Kanfer’s perform. Their patients’ handwritings ended up submitted to him for analysis.

The “Heart Tick”

Graphologists have determined that specific breaks in creating, slight interruptions in the upstroke and in the downstroke, particularly in letters with loops, can position to coronary heart disorder. They call this crack a “coronary heart tick” and obtain it particularly in the reduce-case h

A different signal is irregular dotting in the system of the creating “path”

In the act of creating, a person with coronary heart hassle-which is frequently accompanied by shortness of breath-instinctively rests the pen on the paper, as just one would do with a stick when walking.

Dr. Ulrich Sonnemann, a main contributor to the early advancement of qualified graphology in the U.S. whose book Handwriting Examination as a Psychodiagnostic Software (Grune & Stratton, 1950) is highly highly regarded in the subject, confirms that a disrupted sample of strokes can be indicative of cardiac ailment. Sonnemann provides that the unique frailties and incomplete ataxias (the incapability to coordinate voluntary muscular actions), which are marked by partial dotting of the class of strokes, have been uncovered at really early and clinically undetected phases.

Variations of Usual Handwriting

The foremost tenet in graphology is analyzing the distinction amongst a person’s handwriting and how he was taught to generate. There are several shades of instructional procedure in script, all of which would be categorized underneath “variations of normal handwriting.” When the composing differs to the extent that it definitely was not taught to the author this way, that big difference is analyzed. The “regular” composing sample is furnished as a foundation for comparison.

1. Marked variance in between downstroke and upstroke pressure in frequent sequence all through a offered crafting sample.

Characteristics: Downsrokes are broader and exhibit higher ink density than upstrokes.

All downstrokes in a given crafting have about the identical width, and so do all upstrokes.

2. Elasticity of strokes.

The width of downstrokes gradually raises towards the baseline, wherever they join with the upstrokes, and at the identical time the upstrokes slim out a bit together their study course.

3. Uninterrupted circulation of motion as a result of downstrokes and upstrokes.

Traits: Uniform, even density of ink during the length of downstrokes and upstrokes (1 and 2). Continuous, uninterrupted and unwavering delineations of downstrokes and upstrokes (1 and 2).

4. Uninterrupted move of motion through place of changeover

Features are as earlier mentioned.

Of certain worth is the uninterrupted becoming a member of of downstrokes and upstrokes, which demands a most diploma of neuromuscular coordination and is for that reason of the optimum significance.

Acquiring Cancer in Its Early Phases

A startling instance of the accuracy of the diagnosis of most cancers by way of handwriting analysis is the scenario of Mrs. B. By medical expectations, Mrs. B. was located to be healthier from the date of her initial handwriting sample to the date of the 3rd. One particular 12 months immediately after the day of her third sample, at the age of 41, an highly developed most cancers was uncovered, and she died at 42.

The following samples are microphotographs of Mrs. B’s handwriting.

The initially one particular was written at age 20-8, the next at age 30-a few, and the third at age forty.

The 1st sample reveals the regular standards of normality-that is, a experienced neuromuscular problem with a ordinary selection of coordination. Normality is manifested in the smooth, ongoing movement of motion, the two in the descending and ascending strokes (uniform circulation of ink during the strokes and sharp, constant delineations to both sides of each and every stroke). The strokes have an oval form the turns from descending to ascending strokes are narrow, curved, and exhibit continuity of motion all through.

A normal sample of heavier (broader and darker) descending strokes and lighter ascending strokes prevails throughout the sample.

The next sample displays a marked adjust. Despite the fact that the overall pattern of heavier descending strokes and lighter ascending strokes is still preserved, the slender turns have disappeared, the composing spreads out extensively, the strokes are a great deal weaker and remarkably unstable, and in most of the ascending strokes, very clear segmentations can be noticed.

(Segmentation indicates that continuity of movement is interrupted, and the course of the stroke is viewed on microscopic evaluation to be wavering.) Crystal clear interruptions involving descending and ascending strokes are also seen.

The 3rd sample exhibits a breakdown of every period of the crafting procedure.

The strokes are rigid or formless. The stress is uneven, at times far too large, and in other strokes way too light-weight. There are crystal clear interruptions concerning descending and ascending strokes, and equally sorts of strokes demonstrate marked, low-amplitude, significant-frequency segmentations.

“With these (and many this kind of) findings it was for the initial time revealed with statistical importance that the manifestations of most cancers in handwriting precede the manifestations of most cancers by clinical symptoms.” (Bulletin of the Hospital for Joint Health conditions, April 1, 1958)


While Kanfer’s handwriting take a look at was remarkable, he did make some blunders along the way, which experienced to be corrected. When he was able to plainly separate the healthful handwritings from the kinds indicating cancer or coronary heart condition, he erred by diagnosing a sizeable amount of the coronary heart instances as good for most cancers. In later on scientific tests, with sharpening of the cancer requirements, this lead to of mistake was virtually eradicated.

A second error included inappropriate use of materials and turned up when 3 assessments were being carried out less than the auspices of the American Most cancers Modern society. The to start with and third test ranged involving 84 and 98.4 percent in the accuracy of detection of most cancers.

The second study was the only a person that failed. It was carried out on samples gathered at a Detroit cancer detection centre. The cause for this failure, as later established, was faulty technological arrangements. The clients were being produced to compose with a tricky glass plate as a producing help and experienced to use a rigid, high-quality-point pen, a mixture that manufactured the finer segmentations in the stroke practically invisible, even to the microscopic equipment then offered.

When this mistake was identified, some changes had been designed in the microscopic technique and some of the samples were being re-examined. Kanfer’s effects ended up then regarded “very great” by the Most cancers Culture. Nevertheless, this failure set his function back lots of several years and demonstrated the value of technological criteria in research.

Unresolved Issues

Numerous concerns continue to be unresolved. What about the difficulty of a handwriting that “assessments positive” when there is no clinical diagnosis? What results does that facts have? What psychological harm can it do when there is no detectable cancer to take care of?

This issue influenced Kanfer himself. He went to the Strang Clinic medical doctors to notify them that he observed constructive indicators of most cancers in his personal handwriting. They couldn’t come across the most cancers until finally a few weeks right before he died.

Though graphology’s power lies mostly in temperament evaluation, in which it achieves up to 98 per cent precision, the statistical importance attributed to the Kanfer take a look at continues to be good. The want for more exploration is essential.

Author’s take note: Remember to do not consider to diagnose on your own or other individuals making use of this approach. It normally takes a skilled to acknowledge the nuances of alter in a handwriting sample.



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